Educator & Family Liaison Manager 


TCSOL Qualification 

Teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages) 

Diploma in Commercial English (Taipei, Taiwan) 


Catherine Liu-Johnsen


Catherine is a marketing professional with 15 years of experience in the fields of education, luxury and art. She was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She has a professional certificate in teaching Chinese. Catherine established a deep understanding of cultural differences in various countries during her 10 years of living and working in Shanghai, China. This supports her professional acumen in interpersonal interaction in any environment. 


Catherine is a mother to a pair of 5-year-old twins. Being a parent herself, Catherine understands the importance of dedication to children, uninterrupted learning and choosing the right educational institutions and interventions. As such, Catherine is passionate about education, helping children grow and exceed their potential. 


At Total Communication and Shadow Advantage, Catherine provides comprehensive information about our services to parents, educators, pediatricians and child psychologists. She bridges professionals to parents, or vice versa. 


Catherine enjoys peaceful walks in the lush Botanic Gardens, swimming, singing, dancing, baking and spending time with her children. Catherine has great compassion for the physical and mental health of all people she comes into contact with. She cares about the life and growth of her friends, family and colleagues around her and provides assistance and company enthusiastically. Catherine actively engages in church volunteer work and is often found in the service of the Children's Church and Worship Ministry. The physical and mental health of all humans is her greatest passion and pursuit!