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Last year I was called upon to assist some friends whose son suffers from learning disabilities. He attends a highly regarded international school, and the school requested that we engage a shadow teacher to accompany him to class. He was entering middle school at the beginning of the school year, and there was concern that the transition to a more demanding environment, not to mention a much more challenging curriculum, might otherwise overwhelm him.


We were using Total Communications for needed educational therapy, and through them enlisted Shadow Advantage. His teachers (the first left Singapore at the end of the fall term) were wonderful! They worked with him throughout what was a difficult year (there were some severe family health issues that added a great deal of stress to his situation), and improvement was marked. During this time, the teachers provided detailed and extensive written updates, explaining exactly what was happening in class, both academically, and emotionally. They met regularly with school staff, teachers and counsellors, and forged a strong working relationship.


Proof of their success is that at the end of the year the school recommended that next year the teacher transition from full-time shadow to part-time tutor.


Based upon our experience I would unhesitatingly recommend Shadow Advantage for any parents or teachers seeking a shadow teacher.

—  Jake J., Singapore

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