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We also cater to children and students who are in need of specific therapy to address challenging areas. These may include one or more of the following depending on which areas best address their needs. 

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech Language Therapy addresses overall speech development, nuances, and impairments of all aspects of communication and language learning.  Training is grounded in communication and language development. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy look deeply into the underlying process involved with physical, sensory and cognitive functions that allow one to actively participate in their life. With insight into how these systems typically develop, our Occupational Therapist can understand difficulties that come up when developmental problems occur, and the impact these have on one’s quality of life. 

Educational Therapy

Educational Therapists are specifically trained by our therapy team to understand the underlying neurological and cognitive factors that lead to learning difficulties faced by our clients.


By looking deeper into processing and cognition, we provide a more comprehensive service than traditional tutoring, which simply aims at reteaching content missed by the student in school. Whether it’s working with students identified as at-risk of having academic difficulties, or with students who have attention-related issues (e.g. ADHD) that cause gaps in learning, our Educational Therapists work with other therapeutic disciplines and teachers for a perfect solution.

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