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Educational Therapist

Bachelor of Social  Science  (Psychology)

(Singapore Management University, Singapore)


Diana Mendiola


Diana is a double major graduate from Singapore Management University, achieving majors in Psychology and Political Science. During her time in the university, she was involved as a Research Assistant in the psychology of wellbeing and self-conceptualisation, diversifying her understanding in the psychological behaviours in motivation and identity.


Diana is fuelled by her passion in education and children, bringing her to pursue multiple stints in the educational field. She had done internships with Ministry of Singapore, Malvern International and also pursued full time commitments in HighQ Edu and Adelfibel Educare. It is through her work in classrooms and the time with children of various ages and abilities that Diana developed her understanding for teaching and learning pedagogies. She believes that building resilience physically and emotionally shapes a student's experience in spearheading his or her learning journey. Her background in research and motivational psychology has led her to promote collaborative and life-long learning strategies in her classrooms. This has helped her to create a supportive learning environment for children with various inclinations.


Apart from her background in psychology and education, Diana also values helping individuals in need. Being active in volunteer work for the past 5 years, she has served in local and overseas volunteer organisations such as TOUCH Community Services, Habitat for Humanity, CRIBS Foundation and Care Corner Orphanage. During her time as an undergraduate, she also pursued leadership roles in an international student committee.


At Total Communication, Diana approaches literacy, numeracy and learning related challenges with techniques such as Lindamood Bell Phoneme Sequencing, Seeing Stars, On Cloud Nine, TEACCH Programme, and Feuerstein Mediated Learning. Her background in education as well as research is useful in helping her anticipate the various areas of challenge that a student would face in school and to mitigate these challenges ahead of time.


Diana enjoys long distance running, innovating recipes in the kitchen and is a proud environmentalist. Her life-long dream is to become missionary one day and contribute to the needs of the under-privileged.

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