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Integrated Therapy Model

Integrated Therapy Model

Discover Our Inclusive Learning Partnership: Collaboration between Home, School, and Clinic.

Integrated Therapy Model

Integrated Therapy Model

Creating safe and welcoming learning environments in and out of school for your child to thrive.

Integrated Therapy Model

Integrated Therapy Model

Tailored plans and strategies supporting students towards holistic growth and development.


Expert shadow support, dedicated para-educators, and skilled therapists. Comprehensive services for academic and personal growth

Outdoors Tutoring

In-School Services

Trained shadow support to facilitate student’s participation and learning in mainstream school settings.


Extension Services

Guided remediation, extending goals from school to home and centre settings

Speaking Practice

Multidisciplinary Services

Specialised therapy services to further hone and remediate skillsets across domains

Our Story

Shadow Advantage was established in response to our deep understanding of the challenges faced by students in mainstream school settings.  

Pertaining the learning and development of students with special needs, we recognised the importance of integration, but sought to deliver services of even greater value to families. Hence, the Integrated Therapy Model was derived, and Shadow Advantage now stands as a pillar in this comprehensive model to provide holistic support to our students.

Our Mission

Our mission at Shadow Advantage is to meticulously select highly qualified shadows and provide them with top-tier training to become exceptional professionals. By empowering our shadows, we enable them to support children in achieving academic success, fostering independence, and building self-confidence.

Get to Know Us

Shadow Support as part of an Integrated Therapy Model

We witnessed the myriad of barriers students, with or without learning needs, encounter while striving to adapt and thrive in mainstream school settings. We desire to empower these students by equipping them with essential academic and social-emotional skills and fostering effective learning behaviour in dynamic classroom environments.


We recognise the importance of specialised and tailored support, as well as seamless collaboration within the child’s ecosystem, to support the child’s holistic growth and development.



What is School Support?

In the realm of special needs education, School Support plays a pivotal role as part of our Integrated Therapy Model. Tailored to the unique needs of children with conditions like autism, ADHD, and other learning challenges in Singapore, School Support ensures personalized assistance within their educational settings. Our collaborative approach, involving educators, therapists, and trained shadows, is designed to cultivate academic, social, and emotional growth for special needs children in Singapore.

Under the guidance of a trained professionals, academic goals are made possible, alongside skills of communication and organization.

Teacher, ACS Barker

The shadow support for Josiah was very tactful and patient when handling him. She made it a point to speak to him at appropriate timing, and was careful in the way she corrected him. Josiah tends to get very sensitive when he was corrected. The shadow support was able to make him opened up to his friends. The change in him was very assuring. I could see that he was able to show care and concern towards others and was more appreciative towards those around him. All in all, I feel that the shadow support had taught him ways to express himself well and made him a more sociable person in school. 

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10 Winstedt Road, Block A #02-01, (S) 227977

+65 8716 0177

+65 6011 8762

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9 am - 7 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday:  Closed
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