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What are the alternatives beyond Shadow Support?

When learning becomes insurmountable for a student due to various reasons or conditions beyond Shadow Support, it may be time to consider an alternative mode of education. In such cases, severe challenges render the child the inability to thrive in mainstream school environments and it will be more beneficial to redirect the focus to remediate these areas foremost. Whether it’s the case of a temporary setback involving a learning gap or a longer term schooling option, we can help.

We provide 2 main alternativies

(a) Partial Integration in School and Therapy

(b) Day Programme in Therapy 

We cater to children as young as 3 years old to harnest the importance of an early intervention. Therapy sessions will be in tandem with their grade level work as well as practicing up-to-date sllyabus which will ensure he or she does not fall behind even when he is not actively in school full time. 


The end goal we want to achieve is for the child or student to reintegrate into mainstream schools successfully and be able to cope with his grade level work along with his or her peers. We do this by first armouring him with the right tools and skills to overcome these weaknesses. 

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