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At the heart of the Para-remeiators' mission is to ensure that they tap into the full potential of students. These dedicated professionals collaborate with therapists and shadow teachers, extending therapy goals in the classroom across schools in Singapore.

Shadow Advatange's Para-Remediators serve as catalysts for student engagement, selectively curating diverse opportunities that enhance participation and learning. From classrooms to homes, Para-Remediators seamlessly bridge the gap, ensuring skill generalization and continuity of support.

Responsibilities of a Para-Remediator

Goal Extension in the Classroom

Our Para-Remediators extend therapist goals, bridging the gap between therapy and classroom, ensuring students receive consistent support towards their developmental objectives.

Enhancing Student Participation

Through selective opportunities and guidance, our Para-Remediators empower students to actively engage, fostering a sense of confidence and promoting their overall participation in classroom activities.

Collaborative Remediation Approach

Working in tandem with shadows, our Para-Remediators focus on the remediation aspects, leveraging their expertise to address specific challenges and provide targeted support to students.

Generalization Across Settings

Our Para-Remediators go beyond the classroom, extending their work to home settings, facilitating generalization of skills learned and promoting continuity in the child's development journey.

School to Home, Center to School

At Shadow Advantage, we understand the importance of smooth transitions between different educational settings. Our expert Para Remediator specializes in providing comprehensive shadow support services to both international and local schools in Singapore. We recognize that children facing social-based challenges may struggle to grasp the connection between skills learned in different environments.


By seamlessly toggling between the school, center, and home, our Para Remediator facilitates skill generalization at an accelerated pace. With our tailored approach, we ensure that students receive the necessary help in school and beyond, empowering them to thrive in diverse learning environments. Experience the transformative impact of our shadow support services and witness the seamless integration of skills for enhanced educational outcomes.

Fees and Terms

2 Hours Sessions


Minimum booking of a 2-hour block for onsite support

  • Includes $160 per hour for 2 hours

  • Regular parent feedback and involvement

  • Additional $25 for transport fees

4 Hours Sessions


  • Includes $160 per hour for 4 hours

  • Regular parent feedback and involvement

  • Homework for continued progress

  • Additional $40 for transport fees

   The breakdown of 4 hours are:

  • 2 hours of support at school

  • 1.5 hours of therapy at our center and home (once a month)

Other Considerations

Compulsory Quarterly IEP (Individualized Education Program) and Initial Classroom Observation Report


A deposit is required, please refer to our terms and conditions for more details

Absenteeism/Replacement Policy

Limited to a maximum of 2 days per month.

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