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Parent's Guide for Shadow Teacher

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

When sending your children off to school, we expect them to develop and acquire academic and social skills and independence. Teachers help them to attain these skills and to have a better understanding of their world. They also teach them to understand social interaction, caring, sharing, and playing skills.

Nevertheless, children have different paces of learning, with some requiring extra support to catch up with others: This is where a “Shadow Teacher” service is required.

Shadow Support in Singapore by Shadow Advantage
A young learner with the support of a dedicated shadow teacher in a school setting


A shadow support teacher is an individual who provides one on one support to students having difficulties to help in the development of their academic, social, and behavioral skills. He or she assists the student to better perform at some or all the activities throughout the school day.

"The support needed is usually child-specific and never diagnosis-specific"

A multi-disciplinary team is involved in deciding whether a child requires a shadow teacher or not. The team may include parents, school psychologists, regular teachers, and counselors. In addition, if the child is under IEP, the school staff or parents can request an IEP review to discuss additional needs and accommodations.


A shadow teacher plays a crucial role in helping your child thrive academically and socially. Let's explore the important functions they fulfill to ensure your child's progress and integration within a mainstream learning environment.

Facilitating Social, Physical, and Educational Support:
  • A shadow teacher regularly engages with your child, providing support across various domains.

  • Their aim is to foster successful interactions and help your child achieve academic goals.

  • By offering social, physical, and educational assistance, they empower your child to navigate the classroom environment with confidence.

Promoting Independence and Inclusion:
  • The ultimate objective of a shadow teacher is not to create dependency but to facilitate integration.

  • They strive to help your child gradually become self-reliant within a standard classroom setup.

  • In a mainstream classroom, where teachers cater to multiple students, a shadow teacher ensures your child receives the necessary attention to succeed.

Enhancing Focus and Participation:
  • With many distractions present in a classroom, a shadow teacher plays a vital role in keeping your child focused.

  • They help your child actively participate in class activities, ensuring they make the most of their learning experience.

  • By assisting your child in navigating distractions, they enable them to engage effectively and contribute to the class.

Bridging Learning Gaps and Building Confidence:
  • Collaborating with other teachers, a shadow teacher identifies and addresses any learning gaps your child may have.

  • This targeted support leads to improved academic performance and increased confidence.

  • Additionally, they provide instruction in social and communication skills, fostering positive interactions with peers and teachers alike.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Organization:
  • In addition to academic and social support, a shadow teacher imparts essential social-emotional learning skills.

  • They guide your child in preparing for class, organizing their materials, and developing a sense of responsibility.

  • Effective communication between the shadow teacher and regular teachers ensures clarity and understanding of subjects.

Encouraging Curiosity and Self-Control:
  • A shadow teacher helps your child approach new tasks with a positive mindset and self-control.

  • By teaching effective communication skills, they empower your child to ask questions and seek clarification.

  • The shadow teacher assists your child in outdoor activities and encourages interaction with the broader world.


Recognizing the pivotal role of a shadow teacher in nurturing children's confidence and independence is key to their overall development. By providing essential support, a shadow teacher empowers children to actively participate in a regular classroom setting and unlock their full potential.

To delve deeper into the benefits of shadow support and discover how it can positively impact your child's educational journey, visit our webpage at

Join the Shadow Advantage Family:

Shadow Advantage in Singapore is dedicated to helping children in both local and international schools thrive. Our comprehensive approach includes personalized support through home and school visits, expert para-educators, experienced shadow case managers, qualified teachers, and skilled para-remediators. With our collaborative efforts, we aim to create an inclusive environment where every child can excel academically and socially.

For the best shadow support in Singapore, contact Shadow Advantage today. We specialize in tailoring our services to meet your child's unique needs, whether you're a teacher, an inclusive head from a school, or a parent. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to empowering children and helping them reach their full potential. Don't hesitate to reach out and discover how we can make a difference in your child's educational journey.

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