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Speech-Language Pathologist (Clinical Director)

RDI® Program Consultant

BA English (University of London)
Postgrad Speech Sc. (Macquarie University, Sydney)
Master of Speech Pathology Studies (University of Queensland)

Prudence Low


Prudence is a Speech Language Pathologist specializing in working with paediatric and adolescents with speech and language disorders since 2005. Prudence received her training from Australia and has worked in a variety of settings including, not least, an early intervention centre, an allied healthcare entity and as a private practitioner working independently. From 2009, Prudence expanded her practice to her current team of 10 practitioners that include speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and educational therapists.


Prudence’s caseload comprises of both international and local school children with articulation and phonological difficulties, motor speech disorders (e.g. dysarthria and dyspraxia), specific language impairment, central auditory processing disorder and autism spectrum disorder. Prudence is a bilingual speaker of both English and Chinese. In intervention, Prudence believes in integrating her understanding of the requirements of different needs of school curriculum with language therapy. Facilitating critical thinking skills along with language remediation has always been the cornerstone of her practice.


Prudence has been trained in many areas of intervention. She is also a certified practitioner of RDI (Relationship Development Intervention for autism and ADHD). RDI has allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of typical cognitive development stages of every human being and the complexities that are brought about by disruption in the cognitive development process. With strong understanding of Feuerstein’s Cognitive Strategies (which she is also trained in), she hopes to be an instrument of change for students who are struggling in their learning journey.


Prudence aims to be an effective contributor to the teaching community in Singapore and has been active in her outreach to the school community scene. Her team has been involved in the professional development and mentoring of learning support and teaching professionals.

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