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Shadow Case Manager and Developmental Therapist

BA (Hons) Psychology and Linguistics and Multilingual Studies

Nanyang Technological University


Rae'Anne Tan


Rae'Anne Tan brings a wealth of expertise and passion to her role as a Developmental Therapist at Shadow Advantage. Born and raised in Singapore, she holds a double major bachelor's degree in Psychology and Linguistics and Multilingual Studies from Nanyang Technological University. Her journey as an undergraduate has been enriched by a diverse range of experiences, including supporting children with special needs in mainstream and special education settings, as well as prominent therapy centers like Eden School, St. Andrew's Autism School, ExtraOrdinary People, and MIJ Education Hub.

Driven by a deep-rooted passion for working with children, Tan Rae'Anne is a firm advocate for nurturing holistic cognitive and social-emotional development. Witnessing children flourish in supportive environments that encourage exploration brings her immense joy. She specializes in leveraging the power of music, movement, art, and play to foster engagement, regulation, creativity, and self-confidence.

In her role as a Developmental Therapist, Tan Rae'Anne is dedicated to supporting her clients' cognitive and social-emotional growth through engaging and meaningful interactions. Her commitment extends beyond therapy sessions. She takes the lead in shadow cases, implementing our integrated therapy model with precision. From home visits to school support and dynamic center-based interventions, she ensures a holistic approach that aligns with each child's unique needs.

Tan Rae'Anne's dedication shines as she crafts a seamless integration of therapy across various settings, allowing children to receive comprehensive support in their growth journey. She believes in the power of an integrated approach that touches every facet of a child's life. Beyond her professional endeavors, Tan Rae'Anne finds solace in contemporary dance, music, and nature. Her multifaceted interests mirror the diverse ways she approaches her role at Shadow Advantage.

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