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Educational Therapist and Case Manager

Bachelor's degree in Psychology

Australian National University (ANU)

Ranjeetha - Educational Therapists and case manager at Shadow Advantage in Singapore

Ranjeetha Selvaraja

Ranjeetha completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the Australian National University (ANU). During her time at ANU, she took courses in research methods, developmental, cognitive, and social psychology, psychopathology, and ethical and legal issues in psychology. 

While pursuing her tertiary education in Australia, she worked with a non-profit organization in Canberra where she together with the organization provided quality before and after Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) for families of preschool and primary school-age children, from 4 to 12 years of age. Also, she has experience working with a diversity of children.


Upon graduation, she was awarded a Bachelor of Science (BSc) specializing in Psychology.

Ranjeetha developed her passion for working with children with additional needs from an early age while following in her parent’s footsteps in volunteering their free time for people with additional needs.

Through her experience, she understood that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves and when they are motivated by interesting and stimulating activities. She recognized that children have different learning styles and that they need to be given different methods and activities to engage with the material to learn effectively. Additionally, she realized that children need to be given the time and space to explore and experiment to foster their creativity and understanding. She also came to understand that children need positive reinforcement and guidance to help build their confidence and encourage them to take risks and explore new ideas.


At Total Communication, Ranjeetha is trained in Conscious Discipline, Seeing Stars, On Cloud Nine, along with other specific strategies which would assist in children’s cognitive development. 


Ranjeetha is an avid pet lover who enjoys her free time with her pets, volunteering at animal shelters, and going for long walks around Singapore.

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