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Our broad range of therapy services, led by skilled professionals, are designed to empower children by effectively tackling challenges spanning speech and language, focus and self-regulation, literacy, numeracy, and more. Our trans-disciplinary team of experienced clinicians employs strategic approaches that delve deep to address root issues, equipping clients with essential skills to excel in a dynamic world. Discover transformative support for your child's growth and success.


Speech and Language Therapy

Our speech and language therapy focuses on the overall development of communication and language skills. Our therapists provide targeted interventions to enhance speech nuances and address any impairments, ensuring effective communication and language learning.


Occupational Therapy

Through our occupational therapy services, we delve into the underlying processes related to physical, sensory, and cognitive functions. Our occupational therapists identify and address developmental challenges, enabling individuals to actively participate in their daily lives and improving their overall quality of life.


Educational Therapy

Our therapists are trained to work on the underlying factors behind learning difficulties. With a focus on processing and cognition, we offer comprehensive solutions for academic challenges, attention-related issues, and at-risk situations. With other disciplines, we provide tailored interventions beyond traditional tutoring methods.


Home-Based Therapy

Our Home-based Therapy offers the convenience of receiving therapy services within the familiar environment of your home, eliminating the need to visit the therapy centre. 

Following an initial consultation, led by an experienced therapist, a personalized Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be crafted. 


Developmental Therapy

Our Developmental Therapy looks at the child as a whole, embedded in their natural environment, and takes a holistic view of the child’s cognitive and social-emotional development. It harnesses the value of a whole myriad of meaningful and engaging activities to promote the child’s engagement and regulation, foster creativity, strengthen cognition, and build confidence.


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