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Who is a Shadow Support Teacher?

Have you ever thought about who ensures that children with special needs thrive in mainstream schools?

Shadow support for expats in Singapore

Meet the unsung heroes: Shadow Support Teachers.

These professionals have an important role in the academic and social success of students who require additional support, seamlessly blending into the classroom environment to promote independence and facilitate learning. Let's read into what makes a Shadow Support Teacher essential in today's educational landscape.

The Role of a Shadow Support Teacher

The role of a shadow support teacher in Singapore

A Shadow Support Teacher, or simply Shadow Teacher, is a key player in the educational setting of a student with learning-based challenges. Reporting to the case managers of their centre and also looping in the Head of Learning Support of the school, their mission is to promote independence, support the student’s learning process, and collaborate with educators and families.

Here’s how they do it:

Professional Values and Practice

Shadow Teachers embody the values and policies of their school, ensuring a nurturing and inclusive environment. They:

  • Implement School Policies: Adhering to school guidelines to care for and support students.

  • Promote Inclusion: Ensuring every student feels accepted within the class.

  • Build Relationships: Using interpersonal skills to foster positive connections with students and peers, while being sensitive to cultural and social nuances.

  • Maintain Confidentiality: Communicating discreetly with colleagues across various departments and the case managers.

  • Encourage Cooperation: Facilitating cooperative interactions among students.

  • Support Behaviour Management: Upholding the school's behaviour policies to create a conducive learning atmosphere.

Knowledge and Understanding

A competent Shadow Teacher possesses important literacy skills and ideally, experience in supporting students with special needs. They are also:

  • Keen Learners: Eager to understand the special educational and learning needs of students, particularly those with learning-based challenges or on the spectrum.

Support for Teaching and Learning

Collaboration is the rule of thumb for a Shadow Teacher. They work hand-in-hand with case managers, therapists, and subject specialists to:

  • Reinforce Instruction: Provide verbal descriptions for visual content and assist in lesson reinforcement.

  • Prepare Materials: Organize and prepare individualised educational plans and their materials.

  • Monitor Safety: Ensure students' safety during hands-on classroom activities.

  • Facilitate Social Interactions: Encourage students to participate in group activities and seek help when needed.

Additionally, Shadow Teachers:
  • Monitor Progress: Track and adapt strategies based on the student’s progress.

  • Boost Motivation: Use various techniques to build students' self-esteem and organizational skills.

Specific Tasks Related to Support

The responsibilities extend beyond the classroom:

  • Exam Support: Assist with internal exam access arrangements.

  • Profile Management: Compile data to provide accurate recommendations for the student’s profile.

  • In-Class Support: Collaborate with teachers to optimize in-class assistance.

  • Record Keeping: Maintain detailed records to inform teacher feedback and parent communication.

What truly sets a Shadow Teacher apart are their personal qualities:

  • Positive Attitude: Towards staff, students, and the entire school community.

  • Approachability: A friendly and pleasant demeanour.

  • Team Player: Capable of working independently and within a team.

  • Advocacy: Committed to advocating for the student’s needs.

  • Proactive: Able to anticipate and solve potential issues with initiative.


Shadow Support Teachers in mainstream schools

Shadow Support Teachers are invaluable in mainstream education, providing customised support that helps students with special needs flourish. Their role is multifaceted, blending teaching assistance with emotional and social support.

Working closely with educators and families ensures that each student receives the very concentrated attention they deserve, creating a more inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Curious to learn more about how Shadow Support Teachers can make a difference? Connect with us to get a Shadow support teacher and see the impact they have on education.

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Let's create a brighter future for every student, together.


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